What does the food that need not put freezer to store when season have?

2016-09-26 17:48:08

Autumn already arrived, air temperature is low, day short night is long, human body activity decreases relatively, appetite increases. Quantity of heat increases to resist with food in us cold. Not mere also to satisfy food desire, and the recuperation that ignored pair of bodies and maintain. It is your collect designedly the information of health care of of all kinds food that suits autumn, make you and family health happy each days!


Vienna cocoa music is strange

Specific for, biscuit, candied, honey, pickles, salted and fermented soya paste, preserved fruit, farinaceous food, dry make food wait, need not put freezer. They or moisture content is extremely low, microbial cannot breed; Or candy and saline chroma are exorbitant, permeate pressure very big, free moisture is very few, microbial also cannot breed.

Since such, be put in freezer what to sense there is? Not be to waste charge of electricity for nothing, occupy a space.

E.g. , honey puts freezer, can make it written guarantee partial crystallization gives dextrose. This change does not affect the security of honey, also do not affect its nutrient value, just can affect the even rate of mouthfeel. A few families think honey rots accordingly, a bottle of honey whole and refuse, food is wasted again after wasteful report, let National People’s Congress breathe out really regrettablly!

For example, the dry goods of and so on of tea, milk powder, coffee puts freezer, if sealed and lax, the flavour that can make freezer medium instead and humidity enter provision in the center, affect gust already, easy mildew.

Chocolate puts freezer, after time grew, the brilliant of incidental adipose crystallization change, although won’t deteriorate, mouthfeel can become coarse gradually however, the surface grows frost, no longer exquisite and even. Put between aspic box more bad. Actually, chocolate suits to be put in ten degrees to arrive below two degrees room temperature.
Still a few fruits cannot put freezer, for instance the intertropical fruit such as mango, banana, suit to be saved in 12 degrees or so, put in room temperature normally shady and cool place can. If put freezer, can let them get instead cold kill, deteriorate ahead of schedule.

The starch such as steamed bread, steamed twisted roll, biscuit kind food if 9 meal do not have, put below room temperature can. Put in freezer, can accelerate the rate that these food desiccate harden instead. If want a store 3 days above, best package is nice put aspic case, microwave is taken to change aspic 1-2 when eating minute can, mouthfeel is fresh be like first.
Also a few food can put freezer temporarily, for instance all sorts of beverage, beer. But they are not actually must freezer is saved, putting freezer is to drop temperature only, mouthfeel is more cool when drinking. Might as well ferial deposit falls in room temperature, drinkable forenoon puts freezer again. So OK and managing not little electric power and space.

As a whole, when buying food, must look seriously, how much is wrapping mount to ask to storage temperature. If buy when be from what take below room temperature, and bag mount also did not mention expressly need deposit falls in microtherm, do not have so be necessary to be put in freezer all the time.

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