Qiu Dong is entered fill superexcellent taste be worthy of of pilose antler first selection!

2016-09-20 16:38:14

Enter autumn, algidity of morning and evening is heavier and heavier, according to our habit, autumn winter season is to give the body ” into fill ” auspicious season, saying path: “Qiu Dong is entered fill, the coming year hits a tiger ” . So, is Qiu Dong entered fill filling what is good? Pilose antler is first selection absolutely! So, specific how should eat ability to develop its nourishing effect? Below, learn together!

Pilose antler namely the young horn of sika, outside the effect besides Zhuangyang, strong to the person body, counteractive consenescence is having pilose antler peculiar action, so all through the ages gets the welcome of people, the another jewellery of preserve one’s health of the nature that be called, enter the first selection that fill for autumn preserve one’s health.

Just meet the National Day, heavy in relief division draws near right now, no matter be give sb a present or oneself are entered,fill, pilose antler all the time since the choice that is top end, so how should pilose antler eat? Below small make up will to everybody recommend a few kinds about pilose antler have a way.

One, soup of the chicken that join fine and soft

★ raw material:

Ginseng 5 grams, pilose antler piece 3 grams, chicken 100 grams.

★ makes a way:

Ginseng cuts chip. Chicken is abluent, flay, cut bead. ginseng, chicken and pilose antler piece put the handleless cup that stew inside, add boiled water right amount, the handleless cup that stew is built, slow fire lies between water to stew 3 hours, flavor edible.

★ effect:

Zhuang Yang of big filling vigour, lukewarm kidney. Use at vigour empty extremely, kidney deficiency of yang declines, disease sees Wei cold limb is cold, impotent premature ejaculation, Gong Leng ache of genu of frequency of infecund, pee, waist.


Chicken broth of ginseng pilose antler

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