Qiu Dongzhi is handed in take 6 kinds of course more but clear liver

2016-09-29 17:38:18

Qiu Dongzhi is handed in, dietary principle is with ” Gan Ping is given priority to ” , eat the food of action of liver having Qing Dynasty more namely, vegetable is like bean sprouts dish, carrot, cauliflower, celery to wait. Its eat a law to also ask varied.

The first, bean sprouts dish. Contain in soya bean, gram many protein, adipose with carbohydrate, and the microelement with the indispensible human body such as sodium, iron, phosphor, calcium. After the beans gives birth to bud, not only the nutrient part that can keep original, and the content that added a vitamin, be helpful for eliminating exhaustion. The chlorophyll in bean sprouts can treat rectum cancer in case.

The 2nd, carrot. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, carrot flavour pleasant is smooth, feed fill lienal be good at stomach. Autumn end carrot is fed with stewing best, fry feed for fine. Stew feed can maintain carotene 93% above, fry feed also can maintain carotene 80% above.

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