Health care of nutrition of flavour of happy fruit Jimei effect of 3 great merit at an organic whole

2017-03-13 13:33:06

Happy fruit, the name is thought of surely answer, green benevolence fruit. Fabulous a rare war when 5 centuries is medium, persia person heroism is clinking, heal in harsh environment Zhan Yuyong, sufferred a defeat finally Greek, its ” secret weapon ” it is soldiers ate a kind of magical dried fruit — happy fruit. Accordingly, archaic Persia country is kingly will happy fruit regards as ” celestial being fruit ” .

Filling kidney Zhuang Yang, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it opens gloomy

The effect of dietotherapy health care to happy fruit has home of cure of our country ancient time early understanding, be like Hu Saihui of yuan of acting imperial physician to think happy fruit is had ” gas is arranged in tone ” effect, can open gloomy with regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, let a person keep buoyant. Li Shizhen of home of bright generation cure thinks happy fruit is OK ” go air conditioning, fertilizer making a person be good at ” , “Treat a waist cold ” , “The art in the room is multi-purpose ” , hint happy fruit has function of very good filling kidney Zhuangyang.

Zhao Xuemin of home of quiet acting medical science thinks happy fruit but ” grow lung gold, calm asthma is urgent, long the person that feed benefit ” . Visible, happy fruit not only can regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it opens gloomy, let a person keep buoyant, and the effect that still has very good benefiting lung kidney.

Bright eye decreases constitution of intensity of pressure

Contemporary dietetics considers to make clear, happy fruit contains rich vitamin A to reach vitamin of B a group of things with common features not only, still contain rich vitamin E, in can rising to enhance the constitution, action; happy fruit that fights consenescence, still contain fight oxidation lutein in great quantities, can protect eyesight; to come from the United States ” experimental biology ” a research makes clear, happy fruit can help edible people eases life pressure.

Protect a heart

Happy fruit still is by people analogy ” the friend of the heart ” . The researcher course of the university checks Virginia widely and data analyses the United States conclude — in numerous nutlet kind in food, happy fruit and the plant steriod mellow content of sunflower are highest, and the degradation metabolization that this kind of material can restrain the human body absorption to cholesterol, stimulative cholesterol, biochemistry synthesis that restrains cholesterol, rise to control the function of cardiovascular disease then. Everyday right amount edible is happy if really, reduce the likelihood the odds that produces heart disease.

Clinical go up, have edible the cover that happy fruit causes irritability shock, accordingly, allergic constitution person Ying Shen is used.

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