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Dried small shrimps boils cold and dressed with sauce of skin of Shang Bu calcic fish to fall fat

Skin of pigskin, chicken, duck skin, ass skin, fish skin… a few kind can you have?

Effect of pigskin aspic beautiful skin is optimal. Pigskin is a kind when people has at most, the most classical people has a way is pigskin aspic. Want to treat skin clean only, cut silk, put cooking wine and makings bag to boil 2 hours or so to skin squashy, Shang Zhinong is stiff, join salt, candy to flavor next, put into container cool caky can. Still can cut pigskin Cheng Xiaoding to do stuffing, fill dumpling is sweet thick the secret that sheds boiling water can be it. The Pi Doufu of the animal contains collagen protein, because this has embellish skin,raise the effect of skin. Pigskin can embellish lung, and lung advocate fur, effect of pigskin beautiful skin is so optimal.

Skin of gallinaceous skin duck should eat less. Gallinaceous skin is the simplest having a way is ” fried chicken skin ” , use green, ginger, aniseed to bloat first, a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt dips in after deepfry. Gallinaceous skin also can become dish alone, for instance of Shandong ” mustard chicken skin ” , of Sichuan ” powdery evaporate Feng Yi ” , ” skin of kind young chicken ” , of Guangdong ” chest of skin of chicken of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab ” , of Hunan ” soup of skin of bamboo Sun slippery chicken ” , of Fujian ” soup of dawdle chicken skin ” wait. Of duck skin eat although the law is a few less, but on roast duck banquet that one sweet fragile duck skin also is little some delicate. Those who need an attention is, gallinaceous duck skin is contained adipose with cholesterol more, should right amount edible.

Dried small shrimps boils soup to do shrimp paste. The calcic content in dried small shrimps is very high, but absorptivity is not tall. Carapace still is contained to pledge in dried small shrimps, it is the exclusive prandial fiber in animal food. But should eat dried small shrimps go down, what the nutrition that lets it uses for us is not very easy thing however. If shrimp is a bit smaller, can take housing to mash with mixer do shrimp paste, with will fry, evaporate, stew very good. The dried small shrimps that the town that people often says makes work works to make and be become with shrimp namely, edible of this kind of dried small shrimps is more convenient, can fry with the person that will burn Shang Huo yellow fry sweet later grind end, scatter in dish to do blindly the good condiment with rich nutrition.

Lowest of piscine skin cholesterol. The nutrient value of piscine skin and nourishing effect and other skins are similar, but cholesterol content however lowest. Hematic fat dare not have the person of other skin high, skin having a fish need not worry. Of piscine skin have a way not little also, most gay getting a person is skin of fish of cold and dressed with sause. In addition, skin of skin of fish of braise in soy sauce, acerbity hot fish, garlic carbonado skin also is pretty good attempt. When making piscine skin, notice quick-boil irons time to cannot grow too, lest affect it the mouthfeel of fragile bright. The person with bad stomach does not take piscine skin more, it is absorbed more not easily, if add bit of vinegar,can improve a few.

Filling through feeding get collagen albumen while, still should eat a few orange, carrot, tomato, grape to wait more have the food that fights oxidation function, in order to reduce the freedom inside body base the destruction to collagen albumen. At the same time animal skin is contained more adipose, tie-in onion, cauliflower, celery and pumpkin have fall the vegetable meeting of fat action is better.

Pig abdomen stews maw bubble slow to send ovine abdomen cent is black and white

Stew pig abdomen slow to raise a stomach. Had been you tasted delicate nourishing ” does pig abdomen include chicken ” ? The practice of this dish is in filling in a chicken into a complete pig abdomen, next boiler are stewed make. Shang Zhiwen embellish, pig abdomen soft glutinous, attractive all the more. Pig abdomen contains protein, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait, have the effect of filling empty caustic, be good at taste, apply to edible of thin weak of caustic of gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, body, chronic to cure stomach trouble is helpful also. Of pig abdomen have a way a lot of, explode abdomen of the man that fry abdomen, braise in soy sauce, slices of tripe of cold and dressed with sause is very delicate, do not pass to eat a law best to be stewed slow still, yam of the Chinese prickly ash that put a drop, the effect will be better.

Maw and bird’s nest, fim is eponymous, element has marine ginseng praise, the high protein that is ideal is low adipose food.

Maw is before edible, must shift to an earlier date bubble hair, its method has oily hair and water way two kinds. Pledge thick maw sends a standard two kinds all but, it is better to pledge thin maw oil is sent. Oil should maintain low temperature, fold in one’s hand when maw blast break, if section is fungous when, but fish out. Enter boiled water, make its dip is sent soft, crowded go moisture, become different figure according to needing to cut, reoccupy warm water floats go oleaginous, abluent hind can make food. Maw is relatively rare, make dish mouthfeel smooth, exquisite, commonly used will cook braise in soy sauce maw, big-leaf hydrangea maw, soup-stock braise maw, big gather up the excellent name dish such as maw.

Ovine abdomen has black and white branch. Have authentic Chongqing chaffy dish sure abdomen of wool wanting scald thin slices of meat in boiling water. In Sichuan name dish ” lung of husband and wife piece ” in, it also is taking on to weigh wanted part.

Ox hair abdomen contains element of amine of protein, calcic, phosphor, iron, sulfur, riboflavin, Nick acid, have benefiting taste, filling gas raises hematic effect. Ox hair abdomen treats dizziness particularly effective, if the vinegar that increase a point will boil, right still 2 model diabetic have dietotherapy effect.

Abb abdomen has the branch of abdomen of black and white wool. Black sheep abdomen raises gastric shade filling kidney, the person of doing of speak or sing alternately, harelip is beneficial; Aries abdomen filling stomach raises lung, appetite not the person of beautiful, lack of power, cough eats a bit meeting to have profit. Expert clew, take wool gut, have a way best, small still fire is stewed slow, eat abdomen to drink boiling water. ▲

Marrow is elite boils soup to want to add vinegar

Fleshy bone is adipose little and brawn is much, mouthfeel muscle path has chew a head, let a person gnaw cooler more. Generally speaking, bone is the good stuff of Bao soup, strong character, chicken wearing is chef those who make soup is necessary article. Stew in soy sauce of braise in soy sauce, sauce also is the method that people often has character. Northward ” ovine scorpion ” the chaffy dish that still has local color alone. Besides new character, souse of useful still salt passes, or the course is fumigated dried meat bone. Make food with this kind of bone, have distinguishing feature alone, for instance ” dried meat chop stews a turnip ” , ” saline bone boils leaf mustardleaf mustard ” etc.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the elite of bone is medullary, have fill filling marrow of essence of life, raise the action of kidney filling calcium. When gnawing bone so, must use straw, will among them ” marrow ” epispastic. Using bone to boil boiling water is very good have a way, must remember adding bit of vinegar, the dissolve that can promote nutrient substance so goes out, can make calcium pledges more dissolve are in soup especially, be absorbed more easily by human body. In addition, when having a fish, also can use cooking method, absorb the nutrition of head of a few fishbone more. If small fish, can use the method of deepfry crisp fish, blast of will small fishbone comes crisp, when eating chew bone. If big fish, can use the means that boils kongfu fish, boil fishbone soft sodden, also can appreciably eats below a few. ▲

It is good that tendons of beef tastes the hoof after surpassing ginseng wants to compare forepaw

Soft glutinous of tendons of beef is goluptious, it is the most delicious part on hoof. Just as its name implies, the Jian that tendons of beef is joint of the join on hoof child. Tendons of beef can distribute the mutton or pork after forepaw muscle is mixed. The muscle quality of forepaw is poorer, muscle is smallish, two end submit flat form; Hind the quality of tendons of beef is good, two end show a circle. Common tendons of beef has bovine tendons of beef and pig tendons of beef, character of bovine tendons of beef is much better. All along of bovine tendons of beef is banquet top grade, its mouthfeel is weak tender not be bored with, quality of a material is just as holothurian, have so ” bovine tendons of beef, flavour be better than is joined ” view.

Generally speaking, bovine tendons of beef is multi-purpose stew, boil, the stew, cook kind that cook, ability reveals its mouthfeel. Commonner dish has ” tendons of beef of braise in soy sauce ” , ” green burns tendons of beef ” , ” soup of angelica ox muscle ” , ” bovine muscle stews potato ” etc.

Pig tendons of beef suits to stew, boil, sauce, cold and dressed with sause, “Hand of white cloud pig ” , ” crystal hoof is spent ” dish waiting for a name is already thorough popular feeling. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pig hoof has the effect of filling muscle, to often limb cramp of ministry of tired, leg, coma, the person that leg ache, calcaneal is fond of has profit.

Pig tendons of beef and soya bean are collocation of first-rate beautiful skin. Because pig tendons of beef contains a lot ofmany collagen protein originally, can improve airframe physiology function and skin organization cell effectively store water function, defer skin consenescence; And soya bean contains plant estrogen, endocrine of exchange part female also has profit, both and tie-in, the effect is better. ▲

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