Raise a stomach to should eat salty evening early sweet

2012-02-07 14:18:21

Motherland tradition medicine differentiates alimental flavour to be planted for salty, pleasant, acerbity, suffering, Xin Wu, and think to feed flavour differently to part the viscera with corresponding different human body, namely ” salty enter liver, laborious to enter a heart into lung, suffering into lienal, acid into kidney, pleasant ” , which does the five flavors enter one dirty, meet raise action to that one dirty generation is born accordingly.

Raise a stomach to should eat salty evening early sweet

Hubei saves vice-chairman of seminar of medicinal food dietotherapy, pleasant of the hospital in Hubei province loves duckweed to teach the introduction, the ancients goes out early with respect to summary ” sweet candy of dusk of day day salt solution, dusk ” the way to keep in good health, drink a cup of weak brine in the morning namely, in the evening drink water of a cup of honey, clear bowel raises a stomach, embellish lung is raised colour. Learn theory according to traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, salty classics putting in kidney ‘s charge, can maintain person spirit of a day; And drink bit of honey to be secreted to gastric juice in the evening have two-way adjustment action, can increase hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete already, help aid digestion, can restrain gastric juice to secrete again, counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, protect gastric mucous membrane, have the effect that raises a stomach.

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