Winter food should have bone filling character

2012-02-07 14:13:21

Entered a winter soon, sunshine time is right now short, human body lack can promote calcium to be inside body ” pitch a camp ” vitamin D, decrease plus carry momentum, osteoporosis even fracture can come over stealthily, let a person avoid not as good as. Besides, in recent years osteoporosis already jumped the 7th when reside common disease, frequently-occurring disease. The woman after menopause is 50% above, senile 20% above have the man osteoporosis. So, anybody is opposite impossibly its turn a blind eye to. So, “Filling bone ” should fill after all some of what, “Have bone filling character ” can you be in charge of use? Among them knowledge but much move.

Winter food should have bone filling character

Want to know to should fill what, want to understand above all, what is skeleton short of after all.

From Western medicine angle for, osteoporosis is caused by calcic qualitative prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, accordingly ” filling bone ” complement namely C of calcium and the vitamin D that stimulative calcium absorbs, vitamin, estrogen. But in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the case is a lot of more complex however, skeletal health often followed the healthy be closely bound up of each viscera.

The famous book of 2000 many doctor of traditional Chinese medicine year ago ” the classics inside Huang Di ” had said: “Kidney enrages heat, criterion lumbar backbone is not lifted, bone is withered and pith is decreased, send the Wei that it is bone ” . Mention here ” bone is withered ” as aching as the lumbar back of modern medicine, figure shortens, the clinical expression essentially similar of the osteoporosis such as bow-backed, fracture.

Accordingly, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks the prime cause that causes osteoporosis is kidney essence deficient empty. Kidney ” advocate bone gives birth to pith ” , kidney empty criterion cannot alimentary skeleton, can bring about skeleton flimsy and faint. That is to say, skeletal health and ” kidney ” be be closely bound up, “Filling bone ” should cure kidney first.

In addition, lienal empty can affect gastric bowel to be opposite calcic, phosphor microelement, protein reachs what the nurture such as amino acid pledges to absorb. And silt of blood of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy is element of its hurried hair, sequence of thought of block of hematic silt pain or numbness caused by cold,

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