Check 15 grow body snacks

2012-02-07 14:04:03

1, sunflower, can raise colour. Sunflower is contained a variety of protein, adipose, vitamins and mineral, among them the content of linoleic acid is abounded particularly. Linoleic acid conduces to maintain the skin delicate, prevent the skin dry with unripe quality spot.

2, earthnut, can prevent skin disease. The vitamin B2 that contains a lot ofin earthnut, just about our country dweller is ferial and prandial in one of vitamins that lack relatively. Because this eats some of earthnut more of purpose, can complement not only daily and prandial in the inadequacy of vitamin B2, and conduce to harelip of prevention and cure, eye a variety of diseases such as dermatitis of sex of excessive of aglow and scratchy, fat.

3, walnut, ke Xiujia. Rich growth is contained in walnut element, can make fingernail solid not easy craze contains a lot ofvegetable protein in walnut at the same time, can promote the growth of fingernail. Often eat walnut, conduce to the beautiful pliable but strong of fingernail.

4, big jujube, precaution is scorbutic. Content of C of the vitamin in the jujube is very rich, be called ” of bolus of C of ” vivid vitamin by dietetics home. Prandial in if lack vitamin C, the person can feel fatigue and listless, arise even scorbutic.

5, cheese solid tine. Cheese is ” of calcic ” rich ore, can make a tooth solid. Dietetics home makes clear through research, an adult eats 150 grams cheese everyday, conduce to achieve goal of ageless of person old tooth.

6, fig, stimulative blood circulates. One sort is contained to seem the chemical matter of aspirin in fig. But attenuant blood, increase haemal flow, make cerebrum is measured for blood thereby sufficient.

7, south melon seeds and happy fruit, contain a lot ofnot saturated fatty acid, carotene, over- oxide and enzymatic wait for material, proper edible can make sure cerebrum blood stream is measured, spirit making a person enlivens, radiant.

8, toffee, contain candy, calcium, eat energy of can compensatory cerebra appropriately, feel well of look making a person, skin moist.

9, chocolate, have make popular feeling affection cheerful reach hairdressing action, the reactant inside the same system when if fall in love,can arising is qualitative.

10, sesame seed is burnt, have the black hair, embellish hair, meritorious service that raises blood, eat to disease can prevent and cure white hair, lose one’s hair, hair making a person is glossy black and elegant.

11, currant, good energy of life, enrich the blood, Yue Yan’s beneficial. But should notice sanitation.

12, field mint candy, can Long of wet one’s whistle, divide halitosis, medicinal powder internal heat, bright of larynx of Qing Dynasty of god making a person.

13, the fruit such as orange, orange, apple, contain a lot ofvitamin C, can be decelerated or the synthesis that block breaks melanin, whitened the skin, belong to basic provision, can make blood keeps neuter or alkalescent, have effect of fitness, hairdressing thereby.

14, the jerk, slices of fish meat that bake contains a lot ofprotein, iron, zinc to wait, comfortable feed skin making a person ruddy.

15, lacteal drink, contain the milk of 1/3, return aggrandizement vitamin and microelement sometimes, it is one of rich nourishing beverage.

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