15 kinds of nutrition feed honey therapeutics

2012-02-07 14:01:14

In last few years, hygienists of our country medicine passes iteration clinical experiment to prove, honey is right the curative effect that the disease such as disease of heart disease, hepatic disease, hypertensive, hectic, eye, diabetic, dysenteric, constipation, anaemic, stomach and duodenum ulcer, arthritis, neurological disease, dermatosis, scald, frostbite has different rate.

Honey calls sweet candy, Bai Mi, Shi Yi, Bai Sha honey again. Collect season to differ according to its the cent of honey having a winter, Xia Mi, Chun Mi, with wintry honey best. If deflower according to its,differ, can divide nectar of nectar of nectar of the nectar that it is a jujube, twigs of the chaste tree, pagoda tree nectar, pear nectar, certain herbaceous plants with big flowers, buckwheat nectar, Chinese milk vetch, litchi nectar to wait a moment again, among them better with quality of nectar of jujube nectar, Chinese milk vetch, litchi nectar, for classy honey.

Honey is the deputy food with a kind of rich nutrition, have ” the essence of 100 flowers ” good name, be regarded to be all the time ” nature is donative precious gift of the mankind ” , ” the beneficial friend of heart disease ” , ” exhilarating with the medicaments that keeps green ” . Civilian early treats a lot of diseases extensively with honey, think it is the curiosa of the prolong life.

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