Qiu Dong is entered fill and impersonal person all appropriate

2012-02-07 13:58:44

Ginseng, bird’s nest, lotus seed, sesame seed… face various cordial, a few consumer feel spellbound, is autumn entered it is good to fill after all to eat what? Now to recommend the following food commonly into the person that fill:

Lily: Have filling lung, embellish lung, Qing Xinan god, remove fatigue effect.
Lotus seed: Can dispel beyond heat, nourishing powerful body.
Yam: Suitable scope is wide, no matter the men and women is old young, body be good at put oneself in another’s position is weak, but edible.
White hyacinth bean: The congee that boil or decoct soup are taken, but be good at taste, increase appetite. Lotus root: Ripe lotus root can be good at lienal appetizing, appropriate autumn is entered fill.
Flesh of flocks and herds: Autumnal edible flocks and herds Roukewen fills gas blood.
Chestnut: Have be good at lienal the action that raises strong character of stomach, filling kidney.
Red jujube: Red jujube can filling gas of lung of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, beneficial.

The high-grade tonic such as ginseng, bird’s nest is not the person that suit all entering to fill, this kind of cordial had better be taken below the guidance in the doctor. Autumn appropriate eats the food of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood more. Wait like lung of chicken of bone of tremella, sesame seed, black, pig, soya-bean milk, honey. Often eat these food, can prevent autumn dry to hurt a body. In addition
Milk products, legume and fresh vegetable, fruit all appropriate eats more, these food contain rich carbohydrate, protein to reach a variety of vitamins, it is very good enter cordial.

To old people and constitutional weakling, want to submit filling method certainly according to body circumstance, do not enter blindly fill. Before choosing food, drug, can seek advice to professional doctor.

Because the summer eats cool cold food more, the taste of the person when Chuqiu has not restore completely, because this is unfavorable edible too stodge. Autumnal air temperature is dry, the person is easy suffer from excessive internal heat, because this autumn food and drink is even little the hot food such as green, ginger, garlic, any of several hot spice plants.

Take teeming idea ” 4 avoid “

Avoid thes more the better

Any invigorator take overdose harmful. Think ” eat invigorator more, treat a disease unhealthily, without ill powerful body ” it is unscientific. Excessive takes taste of filling meeting accentuation, hepatic responsibility. In the summer, because people has cold drink, often feed aspic to taste, have the appearance with taste abate function more, if a large number of suddenly entering,fill at that time, can accentuate abruptly taste and hepatic burden, make be in for a long time exhausted weak peptic is hard to bear, cause peptic function disorder.

Avoid is fed with medical generation

Practice of heavy medicaments light alimental is unscientific, a lot of food also are good tonic. If eat shepherd’s purse more medicable hypertension; Eat a turnip more but disappear of be good at stomach is fed, arrange gas wide bosom; Eat yam to be able to fill more taste. The Hu Tao of daily edible, sesame seed, earthnut, red jujube, hyacinth bean also is to enter the beautiful that fill to taste.

Avoid Yue Guiyue is good

The body situation of everybody is different, the cordial that suits to it accordingly also is different. The cordial with high price is not pair of everybody to suit like and so on of bird’s nest, ginseng. Every kinds of object with have fixed into cordial and get used to disease, should with practical and effective for nourishing principle, be short of what filling what.

Fear helps only the flesh kind

After classics aestivate, because taste has not restore normal function completely, because this too fat food is stodgy,absorb. Additional, the overmuch fat inside body kind, the corporeal accumulation such as carbohydrate may cause disease of heart head blood-vessel. Enter in flesh of proper edible flocks and herds fill while, should not ignore vegetable and fruit, they can offer a variety of vitamins and microelement for human body.

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