The officinal value of crowndaisy chrysanthemum dish

2012-02-07 13:55:07

Crowndaisy chrysanthemum Lai dish of Hao of a bitter fleabane, belong to feverfew. Li Shizhen cloud:” September sow, winter and next year spring are collected feed fertilizer of ” bine leaf tender, tiny energy of life having punt-pole, punt-pole of friend name business. Spend deep yellow, shape is like young mum. Shape is like young mum..

By: This dish is made from Cuba officinal. Tang Sun is thought of give close carry at ” Gan Jinfang ” .

≯ of flavour of ≮ cate sex

Pleasant, laborious, smooth, avirulent.

≯ of ≮ cate composition

Contain naphtha, adipose, protein, vitamin, phosphor, iron, calcium.

≯ of ≮ cate function

Clear blood raises a heart, embellish lung disappear is phlegmy.

Hypertensive sex is giddy:

Dish of bright crowndaisy chrysanthemum, wash, cut, pound takes juice, every take one goblet, kimono of warm boiled water, a day 2.

Hot expectoration is thick:

90 grams of bright Hao dish, water simmer in water goes broken bits, add rock candy right amount after dissolving, divide drink 2 times to take.

Irritated heat is dazed, morpheus uneasiness:

Dish of bright crowndaisy chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum head (tender seedling) each 60~90 gram, the soup that boil, a day of 2 second drink are taken.

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