Want the child clever? Want to notice sex of food soda acid

2015-07-22 13:35:59

Guide language: Food of acidity of much partiality for a particular kind of food can affect the infant’s head and nerve function directly. To the child’s food, the key still should accomplish acerbity, alkalescent alimental balanced absorb, not long-term big fish big meat.

In daily life, we often encounter a few children to be born good, eat, sleep, enjoy form etiquette rule, imitate, study ability is strong, achievement relatively beautiful, this is brain function good, namely clever. Contrary, some infants often cry be troubled by, eat sleep bad, imitate force and reaction poorer, study result is bad, this is cerebrum nerve function poorer. What reason is this? Medical home people the element that thinks to affect is very much, but the food that regards cerebrum as housing materials is corporeal foundation.

Food of acidity of partiality for a particular kind of food affects brain function

Contemporary food of a lot of acidity of partial eclipse of quantity of National People’s Congress, make the humoral acidity such as serum is changed, easy cold, the skin is flimsy, resistance is poor, easy infection. Such constitution weighs acidity constitution, its cerebra weighs acidity head. More important is, it can affect the infant’s head and nerve function directly, expression is troubled by to cry easily, be agitated, make memory and thinking force poor thereby, serious when bring about mental loneliness disease to wait.

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