3 class of Qiu Shuzhen pieceVery beautiful when 27 years old, so that she fouled! 3 class of Qiu Shuzhen pieceIt is to be worth to collect a few to be made classically actually, the work of specific Qiu Shuzhen compares impression which deepQuarter will look.

 Original Qiu Shuzhen acts a capricious wealthy old woman. Her father mothered she. Qiu ShuPrecious went to the company of her father, when she sees fund, reaved it. Her father is fastenedWithout the choice, be forced to take her. In this one act, qiu Shuzhen is a hale and hearty really changeful femalePerson, wearing sunglass, the curl like a chute, shirt of a short sleeve and a tight knickers, can see a good figure! This is a true house, god and goddess! ThisThe clothing is not fashionable today. Too modern! Leading role Ren Dahua kidnapped Qiu cultivates precious, because of himFather suspects him from company spirit away 5 million yuan, reject to repay his innocence or more than 2The accumulation fund of 0.


After Qiu Shuzhen of Ren Dahua kidnap, she is exploring all the time oneself mood, butQiu Shuzhen thinks the other side wants to insult her, her expression is very lovely. But the Qiu Shuzhen of dress knickersShow off her ham however. Too sexy. After be being kidnapped, qiu Shuzhen sympathizes with Ren Dahua. He choosesHelp Ren Dahua want the money that he owes to father. He sees Qiu Shuzhen, he is bound with all sorts of meansFrame. He tells Ren Dahua not to waste time again even, after taking money, come back immediately. He byWhen staking care kidnapper actively, be too lovely really. Ren Dahua falls into constabulary decoy, withoutTake money. He thinks is Qiu Shuzhen cheated him. When he comes back, he and Qiu Shuzhen are hitFrame. Did not think of Qiu Shuzhen also got time.

In intense battle, ren Dahua takes out a gun, Aimed at Qiu Shuzhen, but they are very awkward. But look from this angle, qiu Shuzhen’s ham is too long. Beautiful! Not too thin, look very healthy! Two people were comprised finally. Ren DahuaHelp Qiu Shuzhen handle the cut on the leg. Camera patted the close-up of ministry of Qiu Shuzhen leg. Jade leg of Qiu Shuzhen white tender. Final Qiu Shuzhen lays down was asleep slowly.

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