Human bodyBe full of mystery, especially a lot of place, had not listened at all usually! Groin ministryThis position isFor the first timeHear? Do not think groin ministry hides in certain illicit closePlace, actually groin ministry lies very crucial position. Tell from somatological angle, Groin ministryIt is so called groin, but its enclothe a face to want bigger. Groin ministryWith genital close, connect with lymphatic system, male Zhuang Yang should do relevant health care to nurse to it. This issued the important travel that knows groin ministry.

   Of groin ministryPostureBuy
   Groin ministry is to show human body abdomen joins the groove of two legs joint. It is located in ham inside and genital two side, in human body anatomical belong to abdomen. The area all round it calls groin the ministry. This area has the artery outside a very important Qia, the vein outside Qia and nerve is crossed, this is the 3rd line of defence of the body. Groin ministry is to point to next abdomens and body the lower limbs of two side reachs the place that collect.

   The functional action of groin ministry
   The 3rd line of defence of human body basically is comprised by immune organ and immune cell. Main immune organ is bosom gland body, milt and lymph node there is main effect in the development in lymphocyte, become divided and mature process. Milt and lymph node also can keep clear of pathogen and other material. Immune cell basically is lymphocyte.
   When pathogen enters human body, it stimulates lymphocyte, lymphocyte produces a kind of special protein, call antibody, OK and counteractive pathogen. The material that causes the body to produce antibody is called antigen. Certain antibody can be united in wedlock with certain antigen, stimulative leucocyte is gobbled up, cleared antigen. Or make pathogen loses the sex that cause disease. After antigen purify, antibody still stays inside body. Invade human body again when same antigen when, it is met very quickly be kept clear of with same way by antibody of the rest inside body.

   Groin ministry department has deep, shallow lymph node group, it is the place that the lymphatic place such as bottom of wall of lower limbs, abdomen and external genital organs gathers and passes, accordingly afore-mentioned each place have inflammation, often affect these lymph node group; from hind celiac wall is mixed to the main blood-vessel of lower limbs a nerve pass here.
   Have the man of Zhuang Yang demand, OK and fixedMassageGroin ministry, here concerns key point, it is significant position of Zhuang Yang.

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