How long has been the husband that discovers you suddenly done not have very much touch you, he gives your reason, metropolis job is tired, the dinner party is tired. But be very he feels so spirit always when computer advanced position makes fun of to enliven, this moment is the thing that female friends should notice and cares, because be in you are imperceptible in, your man is in stealthily producing change, probably the fault that this is him, but also should think defend your feeling.

  1, busy suddenly

Ferial in now and then what he what just work overtime appears suddenly recently unusual is busy, you look for him to have a meal he says to attend a meeting, you look for him to shop he says to work overtime, you look for him to chat he says a dinner party, so you should take care, suddenly between the man that becomes very busy, if you do not have dye-in-the-wood assurance,he is to make money to you, then you might as well analyse those dodge carefully your reason, should make a bit only actually comb, you can know, some things had happened.

  2, like suddenly to dress up

The man is common very lazy, you can think back to when he goes after you at first, mix the condition after already stable relationship is comparative, can discover apparent difference, notice to have oneself appearance appearance again when him so, when always wanting to decide oneself are quite handsome, perhaps another target that lets him go after had replaced your seat.

   3, did not have interest of “ sex ” to you

Want always before to pestering you to kiss me in person, a month also does not touch you now, every time evade says pressure is too great the body is too tired, the caution light that this may be you shines, say the wife thinks with the head, the man thinks with the body, although be to speak but truth truly, a man did not have “ sex interesting ” to you, that becomes the woman’s oldest failure namely! Besides off the rails, you still can consider to win afresh answer him, see you be willing to accept which.

Say the man thinks with the body, this word a bit truly, if your man some day did not have sexual interest to you,go up in bisexual relation, so the place that you should consider an issue, why he such slowly aloof you, not be previously such ah. But these complaining what cannot redeem, what you should do is to thinking a problem to appear which, if be oneself reason, so long should think method goes changing, if you still love him, should win with oneself wisdom so answer him.

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