Say the wife discussed love, resembled changing a person is same, those who begin to change is elusory, unpredicatable. Speak to come, also be block cloak attack by surprise, actually this is the woman’s shy expression, especially the woman in love, their behavior summation is common oneself have so of little different. Actually this also is they feel without safety, a kind of position that ego protects. So do not know a girl why to can become like the boy such, they also are felt do not wear brains, so below small make up analyse one biddy child to show for broad male sisters different oneself when, it is to be in what kind of psychology. Of psychology of the woman in love is being decoded for everybody below those are small 99.

The woman in love always is fickle they are 1 what how think

The woman in love 4 kinds of strange psychology:

1, the woman likes to transfer sincerity with hypocrisy

The female is when love, often hope oneself boy friend says: “Dear ” , “Be together without you and me, I am very doleful ” , “I cannot leave you forever ” etc honey-tongued. However the male understands this rarely.

because of such, the schoolgirl can be conciously before the boy friend as friendly as other man, affectionate, the purpose arouses the acetic meaning of male friend, with the true extent of test male friend, but often be just the opposite to what one wished in reality. Because, most male to the female this kind ” move affection ” can believe, and exit love actively, bring about both sides to end good amour thereby.

2, feminine classics regular meeting does not suffer pilot to envy

The female is sensitive to the person all round or thing terribly, it is especially in love, she can make oneself and another person ceaselessly compare, the price that oneself always worry about in brain is worth those who be less than the other side to admit, because this produces jealousy, can make sometimes oneself cannot be able to free oneself. Envious psychology is harmful, it has caustic another person not only, the body and mind that also affects oneself is healthy.

3, the regular meeting when the woman has the strange mentality that apply cruel

The female in love has a kind of consciousness that applies cruel, if date with the lover when, can be late intentionally, or do not go to an appointment of purpose, the lover that lets kick one’s heels is anxious, fretful, interrogative, afraid, painful even equipment suffers suffer, in order to get male friend gives the pleasure of distress for her.

In love, this kind slight now and then ” apply cruel ” also be indispensable ” condiments ” , resemble pepper sauce same, right amount pepper sauce can make meal appetizing, but often, the psychology that exorbitant applies cruel is a kind of allergy however, absolutely cannot be taken.

4, the woman likes to say irony, often use ” either ” express ” be “

The method that the female expresses him desire in amative process is compared commonly implicative, euphemistic, still can be retrorse sometimes. She says ” not ” when, the heart often is ” good and be willing ” . As agreed upon when cummer goes to see a movie, male friend should buy a ticket, cummer says need not, male friend did not go, wait for cummer to buy, so, this movies does not look for certain.

This one peculiar psychology of the female, it is the plan that a kind of ego protects actually. Of course, also be a female sometimes the expression of real heart. The male masters psychology of this kind of unusual have a love affair in love, careful consider, comprehend truly, can conduce to amative success thereby.

The woman in love always is fickle they are 2 what how think

The psychology of the woman in love is secret:

1, cry before you when a schoolgirl when, explain she loves you, had not concealed oneself affection, so schoolboys should cherish this to cry inaccessibly sound.

2, laugh before you when her more than, when be without convergent meaning, had arrived to your love apogee, let her hold such position forever as your behoove of the schoolboy, the sense of humor that just shows you so comes out.

3, silent does not make a sound, this is a girl people the omen of intentional thing, should care softly as her male friend will send one’s respects to.

4, the moodBe agitated, love gets angry, this is the very normal reaction that schoolgirl physiology element causes, schoolboys should understand physiology common sense, care more to the schoolgirl, have patience, certain mood also wants proper control, have the word of what square accounts after the autumn harvest-wait until after a political movement is over to settle accounts with the leadership or the masses, wait for her mood became good besides.

5, slashing to you requirement, do not think this is carping to you, in fact, the sweetheart that this is him hope of a girl has flashy place more, want to satisfy their a few vanity.

6, daily to you life cares very. For example says, help you clear away a room constantly, wash clothes, clad dress up, cook etc. Prove she is already right you are absorbed.

The woman in love has what show normally

1, the mood does not stabilize a mood is the woman in love’s oldest characteristic, be fond of Yi Bei easily, cry to laugh suddenly suddenly, resemble a madman. Was opposite, love is a kind of spirit to the woman — ill. Feminine regular meeting of love a person secretly laugh, that is the sweet sweetheart that thought of her certainly, his word, his laugh, even her embarrass his scene, do not think feminine nature loves embarrass person, to the person of her disinclination, she just won’t spend what idea. A leaf of the autumn, a leaf that falls, can make amative woman sentimental a long time, fall and not be that leaf, petaline sadness surely, associate to oneself however, always fear in one’s hand love is not long, always fear to lose.

2, very lookCry easily
Actually this also is a the mood is not stable kind, I take it designedly only kind, because this kind of mood is behaved most outstandingly,be. The woman in a lot of things can yield love weeps, a song, a paragraph of melody, an article, a film, even a word… it is ferial in call dozen of wife that calls killed boy disposition, also can become very tender when love, very easy and sentimental. This perhaps is concerned with physiology.

The woman in love always is fickle they are 3 what how think

3, dress up painstakingly him common saying says, the female oneself that it is Yue person look. The woman in love always wants to leave her sweet heart his most beautiful one side, no matter go up to still make up from dress,go up, expend idea, right now, the lover’s opinion can change the aesthetic point of view that she comes to for years even, want him to say only ” you so dress up true beauty ” or ” it is such-and-such and certain that you are worn beautiful “

4, a suspicious frame of mind weighs this is a bad characteristic of course, nevertheless, after all good characteristics were being accepted in you, also must accept this. A suspicious frame of mind also is the one big characteristic of the woman in love, always like to suspect, although herself also knows so incorrect, but be not controlled, hit a phone Cha Qin to pull, casual examination dress is pulled etc, even you sometimes a casual word, also can let her think.

5, have desire strong best you are in each seconds 24 hours for company she. The woman in love has extremely strong have desire, in her eye, you are her is all, so, she also should be you is all. The job, friend, these people that are the time that has she and you to be together and all things, it is her enemy. Cannot company of land of every minutes of every second, also be a the feminine mood in causing love is not stable main reason.

Small make up epilogue: It is very sensitive on feminine affection actually, also be very flimsy. When the two people in love produce contradiction, the most show that the woman makes loves to get angry namely, look be like very the appearance of willfully make a trouble. But actually the girl also is origin so a kind of not self-confident expression, cannot give her enough safe sense with the boy. Especially adolescent girl, to the exterior of oneself, body is met care about particularly, beautiful, it is to let her worry about the thing with affliction. The female in love arises to more thingAngst, this also is the reason that they love to get angry. At the same time this also is the expression with feminine not independent emotionally, as the man that take on must give sufficient her safety feels.

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