Nephritis is a kind of common kidney disease, can divide commonly mix for acute chronic two kinds, among them the incidence of a disease of chronic nephritis is very high, harm sex is very big. The illness of chronic nephritis has a relapse easily, cure hard quite. So, what is the reason that chronic nephritis has a relapse?

One, of chronic nephritis repeatedly the pathology type of fit and nephritis itself is concerned, if itself of certain pathology type is not reversible, for example sex of bureau kitchen sectionKidney spherule is scleroticThe; such as disease

2, in daily life, to chronicNephritisThe curative effect itself of the certain remedy that the patient uses is unsure, if Pan gives birth to the man effect that reduces uric albumen, after often stopping drug, be like repeatedly again first.

3, in the process that treating chronic nephritis, the circumstance of medicaments of noxiousness of occurrence misapplication kidney, the result can bring about the aggravation of kidney function, causeUremia.

4, the illness of chronic nephritis is complex, have a relapse more easily instead, the normal life that gives people brings a lot of inconvenience. The cause that causes chronic nephritis recrudesce and with medicine reasonable concerned, add up to manage application hormone and cellular noxiousness medicaments, depressor to come especially it is important to be. Inpatient is in this respect often can better land processing, but outpatient compares easy oversight, especially illness show is lighter person, the patient often does not follow doctor’s advice, proper motion increase and decrease even medicaments of out of service, bring about the occurrence of bounce phenomenon.

What is the account that above had introduced chronic nephritis to have a relapse in detail, believe everybody had more knowledge. Because the hair cause of disease of chronic nephritis still includes gravid, long-distance travel, athletic sports to wait, cause kidney function possibly also as a result of undeserved food not complete, the body and mind that endangers a patient is healthy. Because this must be treated cautiously.

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