Woman, inherent Dou Aimei, him longing has figure of angel face, devil. However, parents gives skin-deep, we cannot be changed, but the figure is ego however control and take exercise come out. So, more and more women begin to make her devil figure.

      Of course, it is the curve with feminine perfect need not just, the man needs able-bodied physique as much, such ability can let can more the look that draws each other. Perfect sexual love is to build communicating each other, on the foundation of understanding. And motion andQualityDo not break up, might as well in moving, each other are communicated, when making perfect figure, let each other more press close to. Today, we emphasize the woman below the introduction how to should model our perfect curve.

1, be proud person bosom

To the man, bosom is having deadly attraction, and one of reasons that this also is more and more woman breast enhancement. Probably, the big tit that you overspread a cup of above to other C is envied unceasingly, sigh with emotion why oneself bosom such small. Irrespective, pass pair of bosom take exercise, have be proud person bosom is not difficult. LELO hints everybody, after the thing that knew breast enhancement when us, what we can discover breast enhancement and do not imagine like us is so difficult. Strengthen on food and motion, the bosom that just can let us is true ” long ” big, do not use breast enhancement product as far as possible. And for the beautiful eyebrow of big to been have tit, still want to take exercise, make bosom forceful, avoid flagging problem.

2, slender fine waist

Small waist essence, it is a man to the woman praise. Buttock of fine waist abundant, it is to invite man ready to star wriggling-ready to make trouble more. So, lumbar degree of finish, greatly, it is the problem of aesthetic feeling not only, still be the problem of appeal. Undertake taking exercise through sit-ups, can make abdomen even. And always should maintain at ordinary times look up hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, sitting position wants correct, what can let us always maintain the waist is slender. And a few food, also can help us fine waist thin abdomen.

  3, fruity abundant buttock

Coxal beauty is ugly, do not depend on its having how old, and depend on its forceful. Want to know bosom and hip, it is the main component that makes female curve. So, when bosom enough be proud person when, we are about to notice hip is fruity, quite become warped. Do the exercise that carry buttock more daily, it is the optimal pattern that we portray perfect hip. Of course, to present office gens, long-term and sedentary be not being moved is to bring about one of coxal and compressed main reasons. So, want much activity at ordinary times, avoid sedentary do not move.

There is ugly woman on the world, have lazy woman only. Beauty is not to have beautiful cheek, perfect ” S ” model the curve also can make your Ming Yan moving.

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