The man believes once Lu crosses a canal, the feeling of the sort of times bright is recalled boundless, but the backside in bright, you do not know it has how big effect to male health, lu is in charge of namely the masturbation that we say, some call a law otherly to make an aircraft for instance, masturbation waits different view a moment, actually masturbation itself does not have what huge harm to the male, but long-term masturbation can cause very serious consequence.

Did male hand excessive become much how to meet?

1, bring about the body empty. Long-term masturbation causes huge harm to the body, long-term masturbation can bring about male body empty, the discharge outside energy spirit, sensory body is drawn out empty, this appeared namely “ empty ” , life shifts to an earlier date anile, die young, of the body exceeding and frail.

2, bring about not Yo. Blood relying on essence of life will maintain the person, if use up blood of essence of life for a long time to be able to bring about raw energy of the male to drop, cause condition of male occurrence barren probably.

3, influence normality lives. This self-evident.

So what distinction do normality life and masturbation have?

Masturbation basically is the end product that pay attention to, so spirit is a few kinds on direct stimulation, ultimate goal achieves the goal of ejaculation namely, basically include to use the masturbation that the hand will come to operate directly, perhaps use appliance to aid “ sex ” , it is achieve climax and sex with the direct stimulation of opposite breed organ to satisfy. Life of husband and wife is important is to satisfy sexual need, besides coital process, still include a few kisses, caress wait for behavior, it is the need of the multiply of both sides of male and female for life, not be it is a purpose with the climax, it is to enjoy coital process instead. The distinction with masturbation and the greatest sexual life is “ communication ” , masturbation values final result only, and the process that did not communicate, sexual life is mutual and contented, the process of mutual please, sexual life can bring very big safe move to you, feel to be worth very much, so very contented very loosen.

What thing to eat to you can reduce sexual desire?

1, deepfry food. Deepfry food not only very indigestible create pressure to intestines and stomach, and oil is used repeatedly, cause cancer possibly still. General deepfry food is used for a long time what can cause the man is fat, cause an effect to sexual function of the male thereby, appear erect unusualSexual desire dropsWait for a circumstance.

2, fat. The friend that likes to eat fat needed to notice, the male sex hormone that fat may cause the man not only is secreted decrease, and probable influence blood-vessel brings about blood-vessel to appear harmony bring about the penis to offer hematic inadequacy thereby, and occurrence suddenly the circumstance of its obstacle, affect sexual function.

3, coffee. The drinkable coffee of excessive may cause the coffeine effect inside coffee at the parasympathetic nerve, bring about sexual desire thereby abate.

4, celery. The material in celery can have contraceptive effect effectively, so the near future has the male friend of equipment Yo to be able to want to remember wanting edible celery as far as possible.

Sweet clew: Broad male friend must give up masturbates, the sexual process that return to normal, want to notice to avoid sexual excitement when give up masturbates, go in the blends in collective life that the vivid kinetic energy that attends collective more lets you are faster.

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