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Tomato should do tomato again is people in the life one very common kind feeds capable person, having pretty good effect to vitamin of compensatory human body and prandial fiber respect. The seed of Job’s tears also is the life in one very common kind feeds capable person, having wonderful effect and nutrient value to human body. The seed of Job’s tears, tomato soup is a kind of commonner soup in people life, to the alimentation of human body and the very good effect of a few other sides. There is the specific specification of the operation to soup of tomato of the seed of Job’s tears below.

Soup of tomato of the seed of Job's tears

Yi benevolence tomato stews the practice of drumstick soup

Stew raw material: The seed of Job’s tears 200 grams, drumstick 1, tomato 1

Condiment: Salt

The method that make:

1, drumstick is abluent, enter; of the fish out after the quick-boil in boiling water is very hot

2, tomato is ironed a bit into boiled water, flay hind cuts agglomerate;

3, the seed of Job’s tears is cleaned out clean, add 6 bowls of water to be boiled, in turning, small fire boils 30 minutes of;

4, in joining drumstick, tomato the seed of Job’s tears, turn after conflagration is boiled, turn again small fire is boiled to chicken ripe sodden, add salt to flavor finally can.

Knowledge of the seed of Job’s tears introduces:

Alias: Yi benevolence, Job’s tears benevolence, 6 cereal rice, Yi rice, the seed of Job’s tears, Yi benevolence

The seed of Job’s tears is planted for the maturity of gramineous plant Job’s tears benevolence, be a year or perennial is herbaceous. Collect when autumn fructification is mature cut plant, insolation, make next fruit, again insolation, eliminate crust, cinnamon seed coat reachs foreign matter, collect kind benevolence. The seed of Job’s tears is had digest absorption characteristic easily, use at no matter nourishing still use at medical treatment, action very alleviation.

The seed of Job’s tears helps advance somebody’s career in our country the history is long, it is our country’s old drug is fed all the grain of beautiful is planted one of. Countrywide major area all is produced, give priority to with the province such as Fujian, Heibei, because the nutrient value of the seed of Job’s tears is very high, be known as ” the king of world gramineous plant ” and ” the standing grain of life health ” , be labelled to defend cancerous provision again recently in Japan, because of this social status times add.

Nutrition of the seed of Job’s tears analyses:

1.Because the seed of Job’s tears is contained a variety of vitamins and mineral, have stimulative metabolism and the effect that reduce gastric bowel burden, can regard ill medium or ill rear body as the benefiting food; of weak patient

2.Often food of edible the seed of Job’s tears is effective also to the disease such as chronic enteritis, indigestion if really. The seed of Job’s tears can enhance kidney function, have effect of clear hot diuresis, because this also has curative effect; to bloated patient

3.Study a proof via contemporary pharmacodynamics, the seed of Job’s tears has the effect that prevents cancer, selenium element includes in the active ingredient that its fight cancer, what can restrain cancer cell effectively is proliferous, can use at the auxiliary cure; of cancer of the stomach, cervix cancer

Soup of tomato of the seed of Job's tears

4.Healthy person often eats the seed of Job’s tears, can make the body spry and light, reduce tumor to come on odds;

5.Certain vitamin E is contained in the seed of Job’s tears, it is food of a kind of hairdressing, often feed can maintain burnish of human body skin exquisite, eliminate acne, splash, improve color of skin, and it waits to affecting the wart that cause by virus have certain remedial effect;

6.Rich vitamin B is contained in the seed of Job’s tears, very beneficial to beriberi of prevention and cure.

The seed of Job’s tears suits a crowd:

Average crowd all but edible

1.Limb of float of ascites of sex of oedema of appropriate all sorts of cancer patients, arthritis, urgent chronic nephritis, cancer, face swollen, beriberi is bloated person, verrucous go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married, hairdressing person, young sex is compressed wart of sex of verrucous, common, infectivity is soft a knot in one’s heart of acne of wart, youth and other skin are hidebound coarse

2.According to forefathers experience, the woman is pregnant inchoate diet; is additional sweat little, constipation person unfavorable edible.

Soup of tomato of the seed of Job's tears

Action of dietotherapy of the seed of Job’s tears:

Pleasant of flavour of the seed of Job’s tears, weak, sex is small cold, put in; of classics of lienal, stomach, lung ‘s charge

Have be good at lienal benefit water, benefit is wet the effect; that discharges damp and hot of pus, clear advantage except pain or numbness caused by cold, clear heat

Can use at treating contraction of arrest of arteries and veins of have loose bowels, muscle, Qu Shen adverse, oedema, n/med beriberi, appendicitis, drench the disease such as chaotic, leucorrhoea.

Way of the seed of Job’s tears is direct:

1.Unripe the seed of Job’s tears boils Shang Fu to feed, benefit at going the wet; that divide wind uses Yu Jian lienal beneficial stomach, treat lienal empty have loose bowels to must fry ripe edible.

2.The seed of Job’s tears uses as commissariat eats, the congee that boil, do Shang Jun but. Summerly fall and wax gourd boil boiling water, already but edible of be eaten together with rice or bread, benefit of can clear hot weather is wet.

3.Suckle delicacy boil, join Yi benevolence white right amount, the edible after mix is even. Often feed can maintain skin burnish exquisite, eliminate acne, fleck, senile plaque, gravid spot, butterfly speck.

4.Yi benevolence is thoroughlied cook harder, need to immerse with Wen Shui before boil 2-3 hour, make it sufficient imbibe, after absorbing moisture again with other rice kind it is very easy to be boiled together ripe.

Use clew: Every eat 50-100 gram

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