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The friend that likes coffee knows to there is a kind to be called Kabujinuo among coffee. Relative to the coffee at other type for, kabujinuo’s mouthfeel slants a few sweeter. If everybody likes, still can add milk and cube sugar more. So, does the Bujinuo that drink card need agitate? If be the Kabujinuo that has garland, suggest everybody does not want agitate, besides, everybody can undertake according to his be fond of.

Does the Bujinuo that drink card need agitate

What not all Italian cans bear Espresso is driving, because this a lot of people are in,the meeting when breakfast replaces Espresso with Kabujinuo. But write down, kabujinuo is breakfast in the Italian’s eye partially, and can use in breakfast time place only. If you still called Kabujinuo to meet with surely later at 11 o’clock in the morning,come the eye with peculiar everybody, be afraid a status that meeting exposed to the open air gives you, that place does not know to write on your body write a bottle of big word, say: “I am tourist ” .

The contraindication of the 2nd concerned Kabujinuo is to must not be after midday, dinner call a cup of Kabujinuo. Meal hind wants to drink a cup of coffee, can call Caffe to condense coffee namely only (call Espresso again) , otherwise you just embarrass that attendant that helps you order dishes, do not know how to reject your unjustifiable demand.

Does the Bujinuo that drink card need agitate

The 3rd custom, best station writes the Bujinuo that drink card. If you are in coffee (Bar) in the coffee that wants to sit to taste a hand slow to go up, so the price of that cup of coffee is of great importance, the likelihood is the station is written those who drink 2 times or 3 times.

Can be among a day any time drink Caffe, need not have like afraid Bujinuo resembling card so much scruple, but the most wonderful drinkable time I think is to be after gone midday, dinner however, the inspissation that as it happens uses that one cannikin the brains that coffee answers a god to be developed early by cate. Oh! My within an inch of forgot to remind, caffe also is being used only prandial hind alone and drinkable, but ten million must not resemble old beauty same, eat beefsteak to drink coffee at the same time at the same time, this also is an act that foul, but you can gnaw ox horn biscuit at the same time in Bar however, drink Kabujinuo at the same time. Write this, how have I also to admit this cup of little Italian country drink has so much rule?

Does the Bujinuo that drink card need agitate

But Kabujinuo is being drunk to care about big profit after eat is very abruptness exaggerated thing, because grandma bubble scale is much, drink so after the meal indigestible.

The meeting after Italian meal comes to a cup is Caff è (it is Espresso) , will help aid digestion.

Must not nod Kabujinuo after the meal so, do not be afraid of peculiar eye, the point also goes… XDDD

Normally Makehui nods Liscio of è of a cup of Caff, and Macchiato of è of Caff of my criterion dot.

Caff è Liscio (Liscio original intention is smooth-going, straight meaning) , it is Espresso but pure, do not add milk.

And Caff è Macchiato (the meaning that Macchiato original intention is stain) , it is Espresso adds a bit milk.

When summer, some people nod Macchiato to like to add cold milk Latte Fresco.

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