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Dawdle is food of a kind of fungus, and the sort of dawdle is rife, should have grass only and the place that has water grows a dawdle very easily. When crossing mushroom, must notice, always the dawdle scarcely with more bright-coloured color wants to collect, because be poisonous dawdle. And general color compares the feral worry that can feed person edible common. So, what are the effect of feral dawdle and action?

What are the effect of feral dawdle and action

“Shan Zhen ” the pronoun that is feral bacterium namely, contain a variety of amino acid, protein, vitamin, mineral, when gas rises, the Ji Yang in Chunxia can adjust human performance, enhance immune power, have extremely tall edible and officinal value. The cellulose content of feral bacterium exceeds general vegetable far, contain a variety of amino acid. It is food of alkali sex crude fibre, european dawdle praise for ” plant flesh ” , american even dawdle praise for ” sacred food ” .

As we have learned, long-term edible is contained alkalescent mineral feral bacterium, be like bacterium of bacterium of egg of bacterium of old person head, hedgehog hydnum bacterium, goose, pearl, etc, can make the harmful to the skin material in blood decreases greatly. Eat feral bacterium to be used commonly boil, evaporate, stew, fry, the law such as decoct, usable and feral bacterium adds fresh salted vegetables and yellow croaker to make yellow croaker of boiled in clear soup, soup juice milky white, cruelly oppress fertilizer is tender, embedded dish is spicy, xian Shuang is goluptious; or use crucian carp fish panbroil, taste is little and sweet fragile. Nevertheless, nowadays makes a law optimumly warm all sorts of boiling water with its namely.

What are the effect of feral dawdle and action

In addition, dawdle still can treat leucocyte to reduce the disease; such as obstacle of disease, enteron to be opposite it is appetitive, certain to restore brain function to have auxiliary action, become fashionable recently gens to trace the dish of healthy preserve one’s health that hold in both hands.

According to investigation and study, the bright Shang Li that with hill precious bacterium condole gives contains many microelement Selenium, zinc, iron, a variety of vitamins that contain in soup had the effect of compensatory moisture, moist skin again, can assure skin no longer dry, hairdressing is the modern effect that this chaffy dish has, delicate, healthy, hairdressing, became the excuse that hill precious chaffy dish is doted on.

What are the effect of feral dawdle and action

The place of the characteristic of chaffy dish of precious of Song Zhulin hill is making at secret ” Shang Wang ” soup bottom and the reasonable collocation of all sorts of fungus. There is all sorts of dry bacteria, flesh in soup bottom kind reach burden, every morning person specially assigned for a task was boiled at 7 o’clock make, make sure soup bottom aroma is sterling. Fungus sex is cold, after boiling 5 minutes with soup, can become sexual Wen Ping and. Drink bacterium boiling water every week, resembling is to gave the body to be done sweep greatly.

Effect: Health care, adjust human body of endocrine, help is metabolic. Edible mushroom soup has the effect that enhances power of human body immunity.

Consider to discover, microelement Selenium is had to cell of cancer of the liver be killed and wound optionally and inhibition, do not have apparent effect however to normal liver cell. Apparent, filling Selenium can become people to prevent liverish of cancer of the liver, prevention and cure significant step. The ability of Selenium of the memory inside human body is very weak, because this needs often edible contains the food talent with higher Selenium to obtain enough Selenium.

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