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The sort of tea is rife, and different tea, sanitarian action also is different, green tea is the commonner tea in the life, the sort of green tea also is very much, the green tea of different sort, the effect that has some also is different, it is which kinds of green tea without giving thought to actually, via the word of tipple, have sanitarian effect to person body, what do the sort of that green tea and effect have? The sort of green tea and effect introduce below.

The sort of green tea and effect?

The classification of green tea

The sort of green tea presses his dry differ with what kill green method, general component is fry blueness, carbonado green, bask in blueness and evaporate viridescence tea the sort of these 4 kinds of green tea.

The sort of green tea presses rare breed cent, can divide for: Green tea of Dragon Well tea, green jade snail spring green tea of mist of Shan Yun of green tea of green tea, yellow Shan Maofeng, cottage, 6 install melon piece green tea of chief of monkey of green tea, Meng Ding green tea, peace and tranquility, Jun Shanyin needle green tea, Gu Zhuzi.

The sort of green tea and effect?

The phyletic and main component of common green tea is the following kinds:

1, west lake Dragon Well tea: Dragon Well tea is well-known tea of Chinese highest grade, originate in Zhejiang Hangzhou, be taste absolutely in green tea. Because of its producing area and fry those who make a technology is different, can divide for lion, dragon, cloud, tiger 4 are fastened, today already add up is large category of lion, dragon, Mei San, its lion peak is most precious, before collecting Yu Guyu much better, finished product with color emerald green, fragrance pleasant of thick, flavour, form is beautiful 4 absolutely and move say at the world, have ” country tea ” say

2, yellow Shan Maofeng: Originate in beauty spot of Anhui yellow hill, it is historical well-known tea. Hut of the cloud cereal temple of the two sides of peach blossom brook that fancy yellow Shan Maofeng originates in peach blossom peak, Song Guan, suspension bridge, Ci Guangge and altitude all round 1200 meters half hill temple. Divide evenly of stout and strong of bud-leaf of peak of yellow hill wool is neat, bai Hao is shown, form if sparrow tongue, the colour and lustre that become tea is pale green small yellow, extensive ivory is lubricious, yu Xiejin is yellow, sweet-scented taste is pure, recall Gan Tian, be able to bear or endure strong bubble.

3, chief of monkey of peace and tranquility: Well-known tea of tradition of the Han nationality, one of Chinese history well-known tea, belong to green tea kind pointed tea, originate in county of Anhui peace and tranquility (show Huang Shan district of city of instead yellow hill) one belt, it is the highest grade of pointed tea, long enjoy great reputation. Two leaves adopt its external form bud, compressed and erect, extend naturally, bai Hao is insidious, have tip of both ends of ” monkey chief, do not come loose not to become warped do not coil by the side of the good name of “

4, snail of green jade of hole front courtyard spring: Originate in Jiangsu to visit Suzhou town too hill of lake hole front courtyard, hole front courtyard is divided east, on the west two hill, hole front courtyard east hill is a gigantic Zhou Shen enters just like too the peninsula of the lake, west hill of hole front courtyard is a stand erect the islands in the lake. Two hill climate is friendly, year C of ° of 15.5~16.5 of average air temperature, year rainfall 1200~1500 millimeter, too lake surface, hydrosphere rises, mirage leisurely, air is humid, soil shows small acidity or acidity. Together with quality of a material is loose, extremely appropriate grows at tea tree.

5, the Mao Jian that believe this world: Also say ” Yu Maofeng ” . Main source is in the Mao Jian that believe this world the store that believe this world, solid only then, county of smooth hill, Luo Shan is taken, major altitude is over there between 300-800 rice, store county altitude is between 600-1200 rice. Smoother surrounds, and illumination suits tea very much aptly grow. Over people is passed old arduous cultivate, greatly changed soil, make the amount containing fertilizer of this land very large, reason suits the growth of tea very much.

6, new Lin Yulou: New Lin Yulou originates in Henan to visit the town that believe this world. New Lin Yulou has pine needle of be similar in shape, Shang Sebi clear leisurely of green, aroma, flavor pleasant of full-bodied, aftertaste the characteristic such as De Liangli of sweet, leaf.

7, father-in-law green tea: Father-in-law tea belongs to the fractionize category of boreal tea, from 1956 ” south tea north is brought ” later, chinese tea course of study one divides into two, “Boreal tea ” the concept is born from now on. Boreal tea basically is centered in hill of sunshine, Lao, Mount Taishan 3 ground, sunshine and Lao hill belong to coastal tea, father-in-law tea is country tea. Because of northward temperature low, illumination grows, grow slow characteristic. So, father-in-law tea taste relatively massiness, more be able to bear or endure strong bubble. Father-in-law city was rolled out again 2018 ” father-in-law tea ” old strategy, the key recommends father-in-law tea to the whole nation.

The sort of green tea and effect?

The action of green tea

1, green tea has the effect that delays consenescence. Tea much phenol is had very strong fight oxidisability and physiology active, it is human body the cleared agent of freedom radical. According to concerning a section research proves 1 milligram tea is much phenol is cleared the efficiency of freedom radical is equivalent to harmful to person human body excessive 9 microgramme exceed oxide branch to change enzymatic (SOD) , greatly prep above other is congener material. Tea much phenol has block to break fat to had pledged oxidation reacts, the action with cleared enzymatic active. Occupy result of test of brave of develop of Japanese abstruse cropland, confirm tea is much more phenolic fight anile effect to want to compare vitamin E 18 times stronger.

2, green tea has the effect that restrains cardiovascular disease. Adipose to human body metabolization is having tea much phenol main effect. The content such as fat of the cholesterol of human body, 3 acerbity glycerine is high, hemal wall is adipose and deposit, the atheroma is formed after cell of hemal and flowing flesh is proliferous the cardiovascular disease such as spot piece. Tea is much more phenolic, especially the catechu element ECG in tea much phenol and EGC and yellow element of tea of its oxidation child, conduce to make hyperplasia of shape of this kind of spot is restrained, make form blood to coagulate the fibrinogen that viscosity enhances is reduced, cruor clears, restrain sclerosis of arterial congee appearance thereby.

3, it is OK that green tea has much phenol of precaution and tea of the effect that fight cancer block is broken inferior a variety of carcinogen such as ammonium nitrate are synthesized inside body, have kill and wound cancer cell and the effect that increase capacity of human body immunity directly. Show according to concerning a material, the tea in tea is much more phenolic (basically be catechu element apperception) closing matter, wait for the precaution of a variety of cancer and auxiliary cure to cancer of cancer of the stomach, bowel, all have profit.

4, child of much phenol and its oxidation has the action tea that green tea has precaution and remedial radiate harm absorb radioactivity material Strontium 90 with cobalt the ability of 60 harm. According to concerning medical treatment section clinical trial confirms, what cause in radiative cure process to tumor patient is light spend radiative disease, with tea extraction content has treatment, businesslike can amount to 90% above; to reduce disease to hematic cell, what tea extraction content treats is businesslike it is better to amount to 81.7%; to treat the effect to the leukopenia that causes because of radiative radiate.

5, green tea has the action tea that restrain and touchs disease-resistant poisonous bacterium much phenol has more powerful convergent effect, have to bacterium of cause of disease, virus apparent inhibition and exterminate action, stop to diminish inflammation have diarrhoea has apparent effect. Our country has many medical treatment acute of cure of preparation of unit application tea and chronic and dysenteric, amoeba dysenteric, flu, cure rate is amounted to 90% the left and right sides.

6, the effect tea much phenol that green tea has hairdressing to protect skin is water-solubility material, wash a face to be able to keep clear of with it facial fat, convergent pore, have disinfection, sterilization, fight skin ageing, reduce the ultraviolet radiate in sunlight to wait for effect to cutaneous injury.

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