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Scallop is a kind of commonner thing in daily life, its cent belongs to shellfish, having wonderful additional effect to the material of a few nutrition of people and healthy respect. Have a lot of to the times onlier use method in daily life, but no matter be which kind of, let person enunciation promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid. Believing a lot of people to know to there are a few places in scallop is inedible, so to knowing the person beside very much for, what place is clearer, so to knowing scallop person for, the what position of scallop is inedible?

Scallop where cannot eat

One, what place cannot eat scallop

1, the flesh that there are two kinds of kinds in scallop, one kind is scallop inside collect flesh, show white, have fleshy feeling very much, another kind is to distributing inside the flesh all round collect flesh, gules and very soft. Normally, the flesh in scallop is taken only inside collect flesh serves as feed capable person, and all round red meat is discarded. Had better take the shellfish post part that the circle assumes in scallop only when edible scallop, scarcely should eat splanchnic. Scallop itself is safe aquatic product, scallop is biology of filter feeding habits, the alga in relying on to absorb seawater and microbial grow, rejisheng grows an environment to pollute or noxious algae breaks out, its are splanchnic can absorb these material. Marine shellfish contains toxin or heavy metal is general with ” bare is wet ” and ” seawater gets pollution ” about.

2, level of state of safety of new edition food ” set limit to of the contaminant in food ” added double case kind the standard of cadmium set limit to that waits for aquatic product, requirement eliminate is splanchnic detect, value of set limit to is 2.0mg/kg. Special remind, the slimy bowel in shellfish is unfavorable edible, everybody must notice.

Scallop where cannot eat

When choosing scallop, must notice, colour and lustre of fresh shellfish flesh is normal and luster, without peculiar smell, the hand is felt have bright slippery feeling, stretch good; is not fresh shellfish flesh colour and lustre drops or lacklustre, have tart flavor, feel is tacky, flexibility is poor. If be opposite seafood is allergic, had better not eat scallop.

3, the flesh inside the carapace that the place with edible is open conch mixes fan Becquerel germen, greatly the flesh inside housing is white, smell is delicious and nice. The flesh of germen place submits a form a little, every time spring when end germen is mature, the germen of female scallop turns into brilliant red, and the germen of male scallop becomes ivory. Refrigerant scallop must want to be cooked before defrost, refrigerant scallop flesh tightens solid, wet, luster, of scallop cook time to should not be too long (normally 3~4 minute) , can harden otherwise, desiccate and lose little taste. scallop defrost when, the milk that can put them into boil (already put away from furnace) in, perhaps put the defrost inside freezer safe.

Scallop where cannot eat

The shellfish that fry fan can add a cup of white wine

In western cookbook, scallop normally processing means is to pass butter fry in shallow oil to make, perhaps wrap on biscuit pink a blast. Match normally when edible with doing white wine partly. Do scallop to want to put white wine, this method sounds fresh, still have certain dietetics basis actually.

The much not saturated fatty acid that contains in scallop flesh oxidizes easily when cook, and contain in white wine refuse oxidation class status richly, the union of both more benefit is divided at making sure the nutrition of scallop is become not prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, and, white wine fries scallop to return the sea fishy smell of scallop of can effective purify.

Shellfish itself is extremely rich little taste, gourmet powder must not be added again when cooking, unfavorable also put salt more, lest little taste is broken instead, the slimy bowel in shellfish is unfavorable edible. Do not want the shellfish with not squashy edible, lest infect,go up the disease such as hepatitis.

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