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The pregnancy that controls through 10 months time, the female is produced smoothly eventually, next a the most important month is about reasonable, scientific confinement in childbirth, this believe everybody is understanding. The puerpera in confinement should notice food and rest, can bird’s nest take during confinement so? Bird’s nest has the function that filling gas enrichs the blood, still have at the same time fill the action of lienal beneficial lung, accordingly, bird’s nest also is very good cordial for frail to producing the body woman.

Can bird's nest take during confinement

Postpartum pregnant woman can take bird’s nest

Average lying-in woman can eat, because bird’s nest is benefiting gas private parts, fill lienal beneficial lung, and pregnant woman is postpartum much empty, the lying-in woman is so average OK edible, but also a few puerperas cannot eat when having the following case, belong to protein allergic constitution e.g. the puerpera, that does not suit to take bird’s nest.

Note of confinement in childbirth

One, abstinence cold cool, acrimony. Postpartum much empty much Yu, should abstinence raw or cold food, cold taste coolly. Raw or cold food hurts a stomach more, cold cool criterion blood coagulates, lochia does not fall, can cause postpartum bellyacke, body painful wait for a lot of disease. Ferry of postpartum and exsanguine injury, the heat inside much deficiency of yin with irritability, the reason green, ginger, garlic, chili food that heats up greatly tartly should diet. If eat hot food, cause constipation, haemorrhoid easily to wait not only, pass the function of intestines and stomach of galactic influence baby possibly still.

Can bird's nest take during confinement

2, postpartum food is unfavorable fill greatly. With the birth of the animal, the mankind is produced after day has been been between gestation became good preparation. The puerpera of nourishing excessive contracts fat disease easily, cause a variety of diseases thereby. The lying-in woman is fat still can cause galactic in adipose content grow in quantity, bring about a baby finally fat or diarrhoea.

3, vegetable, fruit cannot little. To vegetable and fruit, traditional idea thinks, both ” hydrosphere is big ” , ate to be able to hurt the body, the vegetable with fresh little imagine and fruit, can complement not only the flesh, egg kind lacks vitamin C and cellulose, OK still appetitive, help aid digestion and defecate, prevent the happening of postpartum constipation.

Can bird's nest take during confinement

Can postpartum pregnant woman take bird’s nest? Bird’s nest is had have fill the effect such as lienal beneficial lung, postpartum pregnant woman can take bird’s nest, but some, so the pregnant woman of protein allergic constitution does not suit to take bird’s nest. Additional, an article a few notes that still introduced confinement in childbirth, hope each confinement in childbirth noticed to females.

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