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Chinese cynomorium of in actual life to everybody not be very familiar, chinese cynomorium is the medicinal material in belonging to a kind, very common on disease of cure of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, chinese cynomorium among them drug effect is extremely tall, and medical effect is very powerful also, can decoct is taken, also can use bubble wine to take, and Chinese cynomorium also can match wine of bubble of other medicinal material, OK and tie-in medlar or the medicaments such as saline cistanche will have bubble alcoholic drink, can have sanitarian effect to the body.

Chinese cynomorium and effect of what bubble wine are good

Chinese cynomorium and effect of what bubble wine are best?

Jin Suoyang can enhance immune Li Zhuangyang’s aperient action. Medlar has reduce blood sugar, fight fatty liver action, can fight sclerosis of arterial congee appearance.

Can drink with medlar bubble wine

The effect: of Chinese cynomorium? D of dizzy grand of  of  cake steep remnant exemplaries a ν of Hui of  of  of  of slave-girl of Ba Deng  ū scrupulously and respectfully in the medicinal material that? of vinegar of carboxyl of ヰ of  of  of stand upright of a bitter edible plant of  of  of  of Ting of  of  of V nest cake n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor is filling kidney most often use blindly medicine, it can make the same score essence of liver filling kidney, beneficial to raise bowel of blood, embellish aperient, remedial gas blood is not worth the infecund disease that cause. So-called not old grass, have the effect that treats kidney empty, involuntary emission, insufficient to blood of essence of life still, acid of bones and muscles leaks, sufficient soft have certain effect feebly. Still but strong anything resembling a tendon or vein is be good at bone, compensatory calcium is qualitative. To human performance; of very big profit enhances immune function; to keep clear of freedom radical; fights plaque to collect; to have carbohydrate compensatory vitamin of; of action of coriaceous hormone appearance and mineral. Chinese cynomorium of proof of newest and scientific test still is had defend the poison of cancer, disease-resistant, action that delays consenescence.

We know Chinese cynomorium and medlar bubble wine can remove very good filling kidney Zhuang Yang, enhance the action of airframe immunity force, have very good nourishing effect to body physical ability, appropriate bubble wine after 7 days drinkable.

The effect of wine of bubble of Chinese cynomorium medlar: Nourishing liver kidney, increase is sharp blood of essence of eye, beneficial, embellish bowel is aperient. With Yu Yang Wei, infecund, lumbar genu aching and limp, bones and muscles is faint, alvine dry constipation.

Chinese cynomorium and effect of what bubble wine are good

Apparent this is what enrage insufficient be caused by in the light of kidney this world and essence is impotent the card that reach decline, if be normal person,drink that to want take things easy really, normal person drinks this medicinal liquor easy cause liver Yang Shangkang, emerge on courage and uprightness, thereby nosebleed, had insulted have a bowel movement to shade rare, guilty gas bilges, all ban with. Take easy generation dependence for a long time, bubble and wine are drunk, long take easy injury liver.

Although be opposite,disease also wants right amount, going too far as bad as not going far enough wants to have an accident instead.

Insist to move right amount and drinkable

Chinese cynomorium and effect of what bubble wine are good

Chinese cynomorium, medlar, saline cistanche, the tie-in bubble wine such as pilose antler, although the medicinal material is good, it is advisable to still press recipe bubble wine, cannot optional, the alcohol that additionally bubble wine place uses needs to notice, edible alcohol wine is flush now, media often reports recently now liquor market 7 alcohol ticks off add become or so wine, edible alcohol + flavor + sweet element + water ticks off add, the banner of pure grain of a lot of dozens of move is edible alcohol ticks off add actually, unfavorable with plastic bucket wine, wine is caustic very strong easy plastic corrode wine in, degree arrives in 55 ° between 60 ° advisable

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